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woman holding her toy poodle on her yoga mat
Rarely do our canine friends join us for yoga. When it happens, it's a treat.



OK, here's one for you! I found this in the side bar of my Facebook page. I'm guessing that the follow up says something like:
"To relieve joint pain DON'T do this!"

-- or --

"If you'd only use our product of course you'll be able to do this!"
Really. What a reputation Yoga has.

Garudasana in the wild
Mary and Terry do Garadusana in the wild!

sitting and stretchingsmiling woman
Anne and Sheena know the joy of movement.
work women
Winter 2009 - Susie Woods and Becca Wheeler work their magic to help create a new look.

Susie standing beside her shelving unit
Susie presents the shelving unit she built for this spot.
Carlos in restorative postureMK in Triangle
Students in their favorite postures

SV teachingsunny window
The studio's original look
riding the magic carpetnamaste

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