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"What I like about the studio/classes is that they provide an oasis of calm in my life as soon as I enter the room. I feel as if I'm in sacred space. Even more important, Susan's instruction has taught me how to access touchstones, like the breath, to re-enter that oasis even briefly when I need to, throughout the day."

-April, 38

"I like the friendliness overall, and I especially like the fact that our teacher respects us and thinks we are perfect, with all our limitations. I look forward to coming every week, because I know that my body will feel better when I leave and for the rest of the week. I've been to some other yoga classes where I hurt myself and felt inadequate most of the time. In Hadley Yoga Studio I feel blessed."

-Linda, 59


"What I like most is the ability to work at my own pace and the individual attention I get when there are problems."

-Monika, 82


"After class, I feel peaceful, complete, unified in mind, body, spirit."

-Mary, 46


"The thing I noticed when I first attended class was the look on Susan's face. Many adjectives come to mind, like calm, centered, confident, serene, focused, poised. What it finally added up to was that she pays attention. To everyone. Individually and collectively. If someone needs an adjustment, there she is. If a word or two is needed, the perfect ones are spoken. While doing so, she makes it seem as if nothing else in the world is more important at that moment. Class is a joy, and the fruits thereof are everlasting."

-Charlie, 59


"It feels like coming home... Even if I haven't attended classes in awhile I am greeted warmly and immediately feel that I am among friends. My practice is supported at the level that I am comfortable with and each class brings new surprises! I would, and have repeatedly, recommended Hadley Yoga to anyone seeking that "just right" yoga experience."

-Robin, 49


"Life-enriching, stress-reducing, joint pain relieving, happiness-inducing! These are just some of the benefits from my yoga classes with Susan Valentine at Hadley Yoga Studio. Susan is a gifted yoga instructor, sensitive to the individual needs, aspirations and limitations of all who take her classes. I'd never taken yoga before last year, was initially skeptical of the purported benefits of yoga but not any more. I look forward to each class like a little kid, and always depart enriched, relaxed, and happy. "

-Keith, 68


"I have been attending your yoga classes weekly for 7 years now. I do remember that after about 4 months of yoga, I had taken a break for about a month, and during that time I suffered terrible back pain, as it went into spasms from the lack of the wonderful stretching. I then vowed to make it a part of my weekly routine, and the most I have missed is one week at a time! It takes me about 25 min to get to the studio, and at times I have tried other yoga classes nearer to my home, but you keep me coming back. The way I describe to others why yours is so special, other than the pure benefits of yoga, is that I feel a strong spirituality from you and your class, eminating from every corner of the room. It has such a calming effect, that for 90 minutes all the rest of the world just stops."

-Nancy, 58


"Susan's yoga class means so much to me. There I find peace and an appreciation of myself and my body. It's right up there with a walk in the woods."

-Jean, 72


"The weekly routine of my class reminds me of the importance of taking care of myself, so I can be available and present to my loved ones. The yoga studio has become one of my favorite sanctuaries; it has incredible energy that makes me feel safe and welcome. Susan has the gift of simplicity; she is an excellent teacher who guides us in a caring and loving way."

-Carlos, 53



"It's always a pleasure to see what wonderful mix of Gentle Vinyasa you guide us through each Friday morning, it always seems "just right" for me that day. You ask each us what we need at the beginning of class and you have a way of pulling it all together as if you've been doing it all your life. Even once a week has made such a difference in my day to day life. I am more alive and vibrant, and carry myself with more confidence and core strength than ever before. Who knew something so gentle and easy to do would have such a profound and deep effect. And, I LOVE the music.  It really supports the work. Namaste! "

-Lisa, 49


"The Hadley yoga studio space is very welcoming and comfortable. Susan has great skills in describing the various yoga positions and providing just the right balance between silence and guided words during the classes. I especially like her gentle classes which are great for me as I am in my fifties and not as limber as I use to be. I would unequivocally and highly recommend Susan's yoga studio and class."

-Fred, 50's


"For over 25 years, I’ve relied on medication to manage chronic pain in my back, hips, legs and feet. I could not walk without taking pain medication. I have incorporated many of the exercises from Ginny’s Yoga Solutions class into my daily life. The more I do them the better I feel! In the past 100 days I have only taken two pills for pain. I have cleaned my house several times without taking anything for pain. I simply do my stretches before, during and after. I am also taking short walks and goal is to snowshoe this winter. This approach really works!"

-Laurie C., 59


"Ginny’s gentle guidance improved my yoga practice beyond what I ever thought I could achieve."



"Ginny breaks things down in a way that is accessible and encouraging. She offers classic yoga principles in an endearing and penetrating way."



"Ginny encourages us to pay attention to what our bodies need and to adjust positions for what works that evening. This is particularly unique for classes I’ve been to over the years. She guides us by giving alternate examples and expects us to take it where we need to go."


"In this Valley with no shortage of yoga teachers, Ginny’s class is a breath of fresh air. Her anatomy training is impressive and her style is incredibly simple. She is there to get you to understand and to get you out of pain.
Ginny teaches yoga without judgment to those who have never taken a class. Her classes are a bit like receiving vitamins in your dinner. All the sudden your body feels better, you feel stronger, but you barely did anything at all. She makes it very safe to be silly, without calling it silliness. She makes it safe to release, without telling people to relax. She creates educational, informative sacred space for people to learn important ways to rid their bodies of pain.
If you haven’t experienced Ginny’s bodywork, I highly suggest scheduling a session. Wise, smooth, calming and intuitive, it is a gift to be on her table and to be so nourished and supported. Her physical touch feels safe, effortless and mindless, but the result is profound.



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