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susan in 2002

In Susan's classes we're encouraged to "start where we are", appreciating our body's idiosyncrasies as the richness of life --to be valued highly.  She cultivates a sense of ease and humor, as well as a sense of the spiritual in our practice.  Susan has over 20 years of training and experience in the art of teaching yoga classes and workshops. 

While she holds a Kripalu Teacher Certification, as well as Kripalu-based Phoenix Rising Yoga Threapy, Susan spent several years studying Iyengar Yoga as well as Anusara Yoga with John Friend and some of his senior teachers. Blending these schools of Yoga, Susan loves how they produce a deeply physical and heartfelt practice.

The profound physical healing that Susan has received from the practice of yoga starts with freedom of movement in her spine. Previous to practicing yoga, from the age of 13, she spent a few weeks of every year experiencing or recuperating from acute and chronic back muscle spasms. When she wasn't completely incapacitated, her movement was painful and limited. Due to the powerful medicinal aspects of yoga asanas she moves through life these days with comfort and ease - and posesses a mountain of compassion for those in pain.

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Ginny Hamilton, RYT, Reiki II

Pain specialist, yoga instructor, and Reiki practitioner Ginny Hamilton helps people release pain, realize habits causing pain, and revitalize healthy habits for painless living.

Her experiences with managing back problems and with yoga during pregnancy help Ginny understand the need to modify each yoga practice to serve the individual practicing. To that end, she has purposefully studied different techniques including Mind-Body Yoga with Bo Forbes, Integrated Positional Therapy with Lee Albert at the Kripalu Center, Reiki with Haleya Priest at Pioneer Valley Reiki, Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, and Chakra Awakening with Anodea Judith, in addition to her ongoing yoga study with Arthur Kilmurray.

Ginny’s classes ask you to focus inward to make connections in your body. She models multiple versions of postures so you can explore what works in your body on any given day. Each class includes meditation, breath release exercises (pranayama) and flowing postures (asana) with a focus on alignment, transitions and creative use of props. Expect long holds with a good dose of humor to get you through them. She regularly offers restorative postures during savasana – a little extra “yoga dessert” to help you relax deeply.

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